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Plugins for Your Website

Plugins Improving your website Look and Feel! Slideshow, Carousel, Panorama

Hey Pro, You wanna be Faster?

Ready to Use Snippets. Ready to Copy and Paste in your code! HTML CSS JS PHP MySQL

Tools and Utility

Webmaster Tools and utility. Complete Table of Ascii-Code, HTML Entities, HTML Colors.

Code School

Are You Ready to Learn? - Language: Italian

Social Commerce, ECommerce, Web Survive

Ideas for your Next Web 2.0 Business - Language: Italian/English

Our Best Shots for Unity3D Coders

Code Snippets ready to Copy and Paste!

For Unreal Fighters Only!

Unreal Engine Rules!

CrAzY Videogame Develop with JQuery!

JQuery - King of Fighters!

Are you a Monkey Coder?

Do you need Bananas?

Luce Digitale, who?

I am Andrea Tonin, the founder of Luce Digitale. I have been working in multimedia industry since 1996.
"Luce Digitale" means Digital Light. The name says that I love digital arts. If you are a digital artist you will need light first, to have silouette, colors, sensations. We need light, we are nothing without it!
I am creative. I am a skilled photographer - 3D graphic - web designer and videogames maker. My sister Erica and my co-workers are creative and extreme skilled too.
We are the professional consultants of big companies, but we love small startup business too. We always make us work very hard to improve our client business using new technologies and the best marketing strategies. Contact us for a free quote! It will not cost anything and we can get to know each other better.

Under the Hood of your PC

Increse your productivity with the Best Hardware!

3DS MAX and PlugIns - Micro Reference Manual

The reference manual for 3DS Max has too many pages? You'll be shocked to see how it is easy and fast to find essentials commands and functions!

Black Desert OnLine - Desktop Wallpapers

Get the HiRes Wallpapers of Black desert OnLine!

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HiEnd Retouching

The Hidden Power of Photoshop!


Digital Camera and Digital Light Room. Photoshop & Company.